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What does the Tixel treatment do? Tixel, the revolutionary treatment that rejuvenates the skin, reducing wrinkles and lines and significantly improving skin texture. It is a device that owes its action to thermo-mechanical ablation (TMA). In a slightly easier language, the device uses thermal method to rejuvenate the skin and/or improve scars. The skin is put to work by the treatments themselves to produce collagen and elastin which will make it stronger and healthier. Advantages of Tixel is that it is virtually painless and there is little downtime after a treatment.

The Treatment

We disinfect the skin. Then, with controlled pulses, the Tixel is pressed against the skin, which remains sterile throughout the treatment. The heat pulses are of very short duration (approx. 10 milliseconds) and ensure rapid evaporation of tiny spots of the old, damaged skin. Approximately 25% of the skin is treated per treatment.

Advantages of Tixel is that it is virtually painless and there is little downtime after a treatment


Immediately after the treatment, the skin will feel slightly warmer, redder and slightly more sensitive for about 24 hours. Within two days after the treatment miniscule brown spots may appear which are hardly visible to an outsider. These will disappear by themselves. After a few weeks, the effect of a Tixel treatment is clearly visible: the skin is tighter and smoother. This visible improvement continues for weeks, because the skin produces extra collagen and elastin long after the first treatment.

Frequently asked questions

Why Tixel?
  • Reduction of wrinkles (from deep wrinkles to fine lines)
  • Firming up sagging skin
  • Reduction of sun damage
  • Refinement of the skin structure
  • Reduction of (acne) scars
  • Reinforcement of drooping eyelids
How is the skin reaction after a Tixel treatment?

After the treatment, the skin may show some redness and feel sensitive. However, this will disappear quite quickly. The days after the treatment the skin feels a bit drier. By using a good after treatment product with an SPF sun protection, the recovery will speed up considerably. For a better collagen production, a collagen supplement is also desirable.

After how many Tixel treatments do I have the best results?

For the best result you need 4 to 6 treatment sessions. These should be done about 1 x per month. Then the skin is optimally treated. The best effect is experienced a few months after the last treatment because the process of collagen formation obviously takes time.

Pricing Tixel
  • €95 - Upper eyelids
  • €95 - Under eyelids
  • €145 - Eyes above and below
  • €795 - Eyes above and below package 6 treatments
  • €150 - Tixel around the mouth
  • €300 - Face
  • €1075 - Face package 4 treatments
  • €200 - Neck
  • €725 - Neck package 4 treatments
  • €350 - Cleavage
  • €1225 - Cleavage package 4 treatments
  • €200 - Hands
  • €725 - Hands package 4 treatments
  • €375 - Face and neck
  • €1375 - Face and neck package 4 treatments
  • €500 - Face, neck and cleavage
  • €1825 - Face, neck and cleavage package 4 treatments
  • €90 - AQ Skin solutions grow factors per treatment (optional)