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ZO Skin Health 3 Step peel

The ZO 3-Step Peel® is an active peel that maximises texture improvements and offers longer lasting results than ordinary peels.

The treatment

This peel consists of 3 steps, beforehand the skin is extensively cleansed and prepared for the peel.

The first step contains a mixture of TCA, salicylic and lactic acids to remove the outer layer of the epidermis.

The two step uses a 6% retinol cream complex and other agents to combat the signs of skin aging.

The third step uses Revitatrol to apply a layer to the skin that relieves skin irritation and redness. This product restores the natural moisture regulation in the skin.


After the peeling it is advised to not wash your face with water for at least 5 hours. Preferably, it is best not to wash the skin until the next day. It is also advised to avoid intense exertion and perspiration until the skin has fully recovered.

The first 3 days the skin will show the following signs and this is completely normal: redness, tingling, itching, tightness, mild swelling, peeling and shedding. It is important to avoid exposure to sunlight for at least 7-10 days after the peeling so that the skin can fully recover. If there is any exposure to sunlight, the skin should be protected with ZO Skin Health's Broad-Spectrum SPF50 sunscreen. Once the skin has fully recovered the daily ZO program may be resumed.

Frequent Asked Questions

What can the ZO 3-step peel do for my skin?

It improves the skin's repairing and renewing ability for a softer and more even skin tone. This peel provides the skin with powerful antioxidants that help repair skin damage caused by pollution. It improves the skin's natural protection of DNA. Stimulates collagen for visible firming effects and reduction of wrinkles. Supports restoration of barrier function.

What skin problems can I treat with the ZO 3-step peel?

This peel is ideal to be used for reducing rough skin texture, uneven skin tone, dullness and fine lines.

ZO Skin Health 3 Step peel

€350 - ZO Skin Health 3 Step peel

How often can I undergo a ZO 3-step peel?

The ZO 3-step peel can be applied every month or as directed by the skin therapist.

How many days can I expect downtime (skin reaction) after a ZO 3-step peel?

The average recovery period is 3 to 7 days. However, we recommend taking into account 7 days.