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Easy TCA Peel

When it comes to skin improvement or rejuvenation or to the treatment of certain skin problems (e.g. pigmentation spots, sallow skin, large pores and scars due to acne, for example), a medium peeling is more effective. This peeling contains other acids (usually trichloroacetic acid or TCA) with a different mechanism of action than fruit acids - they can penetrate deeper into the skin layer and have a higher "abrasive" capacity. Easy TCA is entirely formulated to perform a controlled TCA peeling.


The peeling is applied in multiple layers and during multiple sessions, so an even and predictable result will be obtained. The post-play mask inhibits the post-play inflammatory reactions almost immediately so that the client does not experience a burning sensation and the risk of complications is reduced. The corresponding sun protection is very important to use after the treatment as well as 3 weeks to avoid the sun in the whole.

Frequent asked question

How many TCA treatments are needed to achieve a nice result?

There are 1 to 4 treatments with an interval of 8 to 10 days, depending on the skin therapist's skin advice. After each treatment, the skin becomes smoother and better in quality.

Pricing Easy TCA-Peeling
  • €380 - First treatment including cream, cleanser and sun protection
  • €795 - Package 4 treatment including cleanser, cream and sun protection