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Exuviance peeling

Exuviance peels, are chemical peelings that effectively tackle various skin problems without downtime. Exuviance works with 3 generations of acids AHA (glycolic acid), PHA (gluconolactone) and the bionic PHA's (lactobionic acid) where besides the peels also the home products give an important skin improvement.

The fruit acids contained in the Exuviance peels and products act on all skin layers. They stimulate cell renewal so that the pores become smaller and the skin starts to glow again. In a gentle way your skin will have a brighter, smoother and younger complexion. The AHA-fruit acids help the skin reduce sun damage such as fine lines and pigmentation spots.


First the skin is thoroughly cleansed, then the sensitive parts such as nostrils and eyes are covered. Then an Exuviance peel is applied to the skin. There are different strengths and effects. Which one will be used is determined by the practitioner depending on what the skin will be needing. The skin will feel tingling as soon as the skin shows redness, the peel will be removed with a neutralising spray and cold compresses. To nourish and soothe the skin, a cocktail of a high-quality serum is applied with an alginate mask. The treatment ends with a day care and sun protection.


After the treatment, the skin will not show any down-time, but it will have a nice glow. Skin will feel soft and moisturised.

Frequent asked question

Price Exuviance Peeling

€110 - Exuviance Peeling

How long will it take to see results after an Exuviance peel and products?

Your skin will start to see some surface improvements after just a few weeks of using the products – skin will become softer, smoother, and more radiant. The Exuviance peels will stimulate and regenerate the skin faster and it will enhance the results of the product use. With continued use, after 6 to 8 weeks, your skin will experience longer term skin benefits such as improvements to uneven skin tone, appearance of fine and wrinkles as well as firmness.

What is the difference between the AHAs and PHAs from Exuviance?

Polyhydroxy Acids are Alpha Hydroxy Acids with multiple hydroxy groups on the molecule. The additional hydroxys attract water making PHA compounds more hydrating and moisturizing than conventional AHAs. PHA compounds are also antioxidant chelators that have been found to be gentle to skin without the stinging and burning that may accompany AHA use on sensitive skin.

How do the AHAs, PHAs and Bionic Acids in Exuviance products and treatments affect pore size, and improve uneven pigmentation?

AHAs/PHAs exfoliate within pores helping to cleanse cellular debris. They also increase skin elasticity which helps to tighten pores. Cell turnover effects and improved distribution of skin pigment with AHA, PHA and Bionic Acid use help correct hyperpigmentation and promote a more even appearance.

What are the effects of AHAs, PHAs and Bionic Acids from Exuviance peels and treatments on the skin?

Hydroxy Acids (HAs) have been shown to decrease bonding between surface skin cells stimulating exfoliation and cell turnover. Skin surface layers become more youthful with a more normal distribution of skin pigment (melanin) which helps to clarify and even skin tone. Histology (skin biopsy) studies have shown anti-aging effects on deeper layers of skin including: increased collagen, improved elastic fibers/elasticity, and an increase of the hydrous gel matrix that leads to noticeable skin plumping and a reduction in appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Aside from prescription retinoids, there are NO other ingredients on the market that can demonstrate this many skin benefits!