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Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is an effective solution for unwanted hair growth in the face and on the body. Laser hair removal is only suitable for dark pigmented hair. The laser produces a very high concentrated pure beam of light. This light beam is only emitted on the skin for a fraction of a second. The pigment of the hairs absorbs the laser light and converts it into heat. The heat destroys the breeding ground in the hair follicle so that it is no longer able to develop a new hair. After each treatment, fewer hairs return and the hairs will be thinner and less stiff. Prior to the laser treatment, it is important that you do not epilate, wax or use the rope method three weeks in advance. An 'empty' hair follicle cannot absorb light and therefore cannot be treated effectively.

The Treatment

We start by shaving the hairs short (when treating a body part, it is better to shave the hairs at home to prevent your sin of getting irritation), so that the energy of the laser can be properly directed to the hair roots. We apply a layer of gel and then place the laser head on the affected skin. Then we give accurate pulses over the entire treatment area. The very short pulse can be compared to shooting a rubber band against the skin. The treatment is not painless but is generally well tolerated. After the treatment there is hardly any sensitivity. However, the skin can become a little red and show slight swelling.

Laser hair removal is only suitable for dark pigmented hair


The treated skin is extra vulnerable, so avoid heat such as sauna, steam and infrared radiation for the first two days after treatment. Protect your skin regularly throughout the entire treatment period with sunscreen with SPF30 or higher. If you allow the treatment area to tan, the treatment will have to be stopped temporarily. This may affect the duration of the treatment period and the number of treatments required. Within three weeks after the treatment, the treated hair will fall out on its own. You usually don't notice this. In between treatments you may shave or cut the new emerging hairs, but do not epilate, wax or remove them by the rope method.

Frequently asked questions

For whom is a laser hair removal treatment not suitable?
  • During pregnancy and when breastfeeding
  • When using medication such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, treatment can be resumed after 3 weeks
  • Roaccutane, isotretinoin medication has to wait 6 months before treatment can be given
  • In case of acute fever, infection or after surgery, one has to wait 1 week to 6 weeks before a treatment can be performed
  • Pacemaker, in consultation with the medical specialist
  • If you're under 18, you'll need your parents' permission
  • Skin where Keloid formation is possible
  • Cancer, or if you had conventional cancer therapy such as chemo or radiation less than 5 years ago
Is laser depilation reimbursed by health insurer?

If you are additionally insured, laser facial hair removal for women will in most cases and depending on your insurance package be fully or partially reimbursed. Ask your health insurer for the policy conditions.

How many treatments are needed to see the result of a hair removal treatment?

On average six to eight treatments are needed with an interval of 6 to 8 weeks. This has to do with the different growth phases the hairs are in. With dark hair and a light skin type (much contrast), fewer treatments can give the desired result. With light hair and a tinted skin (little contrast) sometimes more treatments are needed. The exact number of treatments differs per person and cannot always be predicted in advance by the skin therapist. It is possible that in the future new hair follicles will be activated or downy hairs will turn into thicker hairs. This process can occur independently of the laser treatment, for example due to hormonal influences, hereditary predisposition or medication use.

Does the laser hair removal treatment hurt?

The pain threshold differs per person and also depends on which area of the body is treated. It is not a painless treatment but certainly bearable and during the treatment we cool the skin and take the time to complete the treatment in a pleasant way.

Pricing hair removal
  • €75 - Upper lip
  • €75 - Chin
  • €100 - Cheeks
  • €100 - Neck
  • €75 - Sideburns
  • €75 - Armpits
  • €130 - Upper arms
  • €130 - Forearms
  • €200 - Whole arms
  • €75 - Hands
  • €75 - Nipples
  • €75 - Around the navel
  • €100 - Abdomen
  • €130 - Upper back
  • €130 - Lower back
  • €200 - Whole back
  • €100 - Bikini line
  • €150 - Brazilian including buttocks seam
  • €150 - Buttocks
  • €200 - Lower legs
  • €200 - Upper legs
  • €250 - Upper legs including bikini line
  • €350 - Whole legs including bikini line
  • €75 - Feets
  • €60 - Toes