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The philosophy of Circadia is based on the circadian rhythm of the body (also called the biological rhythm) whose cycle lasts about one day (Latin: circa = around, dies = day). It is also known as a 24-hour rhythm or a sleep-wake rhythm. This refers to a 24-hour cycle of rhythmic changes in our physiology and behavior.

An organism is subject to a large number of biological processes, which usually run automatically according to a certain rhythm. Circadian functions show a pattern that repeats daily. The rhythm is controlled endogenously via the biological clock (fixed by internal hereditary factors in the brain) and functions independently of environmental factors such as light and temperature.

This philosophy makes Circadia a unique skincare line because of:

  • Modern ingredient compositions
  • Unique treatment programs
  • Combination options
  • Chronobiology in skin care

Circadian Rhythm and the Skin

According to Dr. Peter T. Pugliese, our skin is controlled by a circadian rhythm. Simply put, this means that during the day you have to protect the skin against harmful external influences. At night when the skin goes into a recovery mode, it nourishes and stimulates the skin. Circadia's unique treatments and peels have also been developed to restore the skin and bring a disturbed rhythm back into balance.

The result? A line that focuses on innovation and efficiency, so that your skin receives exactly what it needs, when it needs it. By means of peptides, stem cells and second generation vitamins, we lift your skin care to a higher level.

The treatments

Is your treatment not doing what it should? Then it's time to SWiCH! The SWiCH™ treatment was developed to restore the optimal appearance of the skin without the damage or recovery time of existing peeling techniques

Around the age of 40 there is a reduction in energy production of the cells in the skin. A reduced bioenergetic capacity of the skin can be increased by the SWiCH rejuvenation treatment. This means that the production of the mitochondria (energy source of a cell) is stimulated and thus all processes such as collagen and elastin production are improved.

The skin will visibly show less wrinkles, sagging, pigmentation spots and improved skin texture. The SWiCH™ rejuvenation treatment can always be performed. It is recommended to do this in a course of 6 times every 4 weeks.

With the Oxygen RX treatment, an ideal amount of oxygen can be added to the skin in a quick and painless way. Its antibacterial properties make it highly effective for acne and oily skin, while brightening and vasoconstrictor properties have a calming effect on varicose veins and rosacea. Oxygen RX also helps boost collagen production!

In addition, there are also mild and strong peels in the Circadia program with great results and minimal risks. For example, there is the self-designed MandeliClear Peel where the basis focuses on a Jessner Peel, but which, thanks to a unique mandelic acid addition, has several areas that can be used such as dark skin types, sensitive skin types and pigmentation.

  • Mandeli-Clear Peel System is a deeper peel specially formulated to treat pigmentation issues associated with darker skin types
  • The Jessner peel from Circadia is a real Jessner peel. It contains a mix of salicylic acid, lactic acid and resorcinol. This treatment is versatile and a skin-friendly procedure for skin rejuvenation and in many cases an excellent alternative to plastic surgery.

If you still want a milder alternative to a chemical peel, you can opt for an Enzyme treatment. An effective enzyme treatment instantly brightens the skin and makes it healthy by helping to remove dead skin cells and other impurities. There are three types of enzymes available, cocoa, raspberry and zymase, which are suitable for all skin types.

Frequently asked questions

Why Circadia?
  • For a huge energy boost to the skin cells
  • Circadia provides an incentive for better energy processing
  • Stimulates the cell nucleus
  • Optimal absorption of active substances
  • The skin will generally function better
  • The skin gets a hydration boost
  • Improves dry and tight skin
  • Improves collagen and elastin
  • Lightens the skin and reduces pigmentation
Can I do the Circadia treatment regularly?

You can repeat the treatments regularly without risk. It works on the recovery of the skin. For example, unlike most acid peels, the SWiCH is a leave on treatment. The active ingredient remains on the skin and thus ensures that the repair continues to work.

Prices Circadia
  • Circadia, Chocolate & Champagne Oxygen treatment including a mask - € 125,-
  • Circadia, Chocolate & Champagne Oxygen treatment including the Hydra-lactic peel - € 150,-
  • Circadia Hydra-lactic peel including a marshmallow whip or pumpkin mask - € 125,-
  • Circadia enzyme cocoa, raspberry and zymase is only available in combination with a treatment - € 50,-
Result after a Circadia treatment

With such intensive cleaning and removal of dead and old skin cells, a perfect result is achieved: a smooth, clean and supple 'baby skin'. The peeling restores the moisture balance of the skin, improves structure and tension (turgor), refines pores, removes pigment spots, reduces wrinkles and scars.